​​Start putting your affairs in order now.

Hi, I'm End of Life Doula Marci.


Many people avoid the topic of death and aren't adequately prepared for it. We'll all experience death at some point.  Don't wait for something to happen in order to prepare. Start putting your affairs in order now.


Partner with me and allow  your family to focus on healthy grieving, take breaks, let go and spend quality time to honor their loved one. 


If you've been diagnosed with a terminal illness, need family support for the dying or deceased love one, or want to empower yourself to make decisions on your own about your end-of-life...

End of Life Doula Services Include...

Caregiver Toolkit

Being a caregiver for a family member or friend can be challenging and it's usually not something most people are prepared to do. 


 I work with families to develop an organized caregiver toolkit and plan to support the caregiver and prevent burnout and exhaustion.

Support & Comfort to the Terminally Ill

Supporting those diagnosed with a life-limiting disease is possibly the essence of my end of life doula work.  Supporting a terminally ill patient may look more like life coaching, with an awareness of end of life  planning.  I help clients transition from a cure mindset to a comfort mindset.

Planning & Conducting Vigils

Just like a birth doula sits with an actively laboring woman and provides comfort, support, and advocacy, an end of life doula who offers active vigil care does the same—but for the active dying phase.


The vigil of a dying person is a sacred time.  I help create a vigil plan so the preferred atmosphere is created and the preferred people are present.

Assist with Life Legacy Projects

When people know they are approaching the end of their life, they start to consider what they want to pass on or leave behind for those still living.  Legacy projects are a great way to preserve your family history and information.  This also give the ill person something to do to give them a sense of purpose as time passes.

Want to start "Putting Your Affairs in Order" ?

People talk about “putting your affairs in order” but… what does that mean? As an end-of-life  doula, I can tell you exactly how to start putting your affairs in order before a serious illness or healthcare crisis happens. 



How to get started...

End of life is a sacred time.  I offer hourly and package rates.

Initial Consultation

Initial free consultation to discuss your needs, our services and see if we make a good team.

Planning  Sessions

Planning sessions are usually 1-2 hours long and are $150/hr. (4 hour minimum requirement)

Customized Package

Customize your own package according to your specific needs. Packages range from $500-$4000.


Earnest H.


"I trust Marci.  She is easy to talk to and most of all she really listens to me. It's just me and I don't have any children.  I feel much better about my end of life plan."

Augustus S.


"My wife and I chose her because we trust her and we know we could count on her during our end of life."

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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When should I start working with an End of Life Doula?

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About Me

I’m Marcelletta  (Marci) Miles


I’m an Integrative Holistic Nurse, Life Coach, and End-of-Life Doula.  I learned a long time ago that healing doesn't always mean free from disease.  It can come in the form of death. 


I've been helping people have tough conversations regarding death since my early 20's.  As a Reiki Master and Shamanic Practitioner, I use various holistic modalities with my clients to provide comfort, peace and release unwanted beliefs and emotions  that can weigh heavy on a person when the end is nearing. 


I help individuals plan and prepare for their transition from this life by facilitating conversation between the them and their family, helping them get their wishes understood and documented and providing a grounded comforting presence to the client and family during a deeply intense and emotional time..



  • Garner, United States

  • teammarci@marcellettamiles.com

  • (919) 589- 2642


My role as an end of life doula is a non-medical holistic practitioner.  I do not facilitate death nor asisst individuals in having a "good death".  My primary function is to be support for individuals during their end of life transition.

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